Dry, aggravated eyes? Here are a couple of ideas on just how to give your dry eyes the comfort they should have.

As a Qualified Lens, I enjoy interacting one-on-one with customers. Among the most typical grievances that I hear about are dry eyes from call lens wear. I’ve got a few handy suggestions to help with this issue, however, so as to get there I need to initial inform you regarding the composition of splits and the duty tears play in eye health.

Tear Ducts

Splits are comprised of 3 layers: lipid, liquid as well as mucin. These 3 layers each have a component to play in protecting against completely dry eye. The lipid (fatty) layer stops dissipation. The aqueous or lacrimal layer comprises the majority of the quantity of the tear film. This layer lugs nutrients and removes undesirable or hazardous bacteria or foreign things. The mucin layer is the adhesive holding the tears to the cornea. If there is a problem with any of these layers which prevent optimal operating then you wind up with completely dry eyes.


When I fit calls, among the key points to a great fit is excellent tear flow. I also require to make sure that there is excellent lens motion, this will make sure that the lens will not prevent tear circulation in time. Without these, it is not likely that my client will certainly fit. It’s likewise really crucial to be familiar with the client’s history as they can have a huge influence on convenience as it connects to dry eyes. Some vital information includes: age, medicines, environmental variables (a/c or furnace, completely dry environments, smoke or dust), hormone fluctuations, blinking problems as well as illness can all be problematic. Another method discomfort can develop is when calls aren’t looked after appropriately.


Deposits and overwear can bring about discomfort which individuals interpret as dry eyes. Our eyes don’t have specific receptors to aid us to distinguish what is triggering discomfort so what might feel like dry eyes can actually be brought on by discomfort. There are a couple of variants in the method contacts are manufactured. High water lenses sound like they would certainly fit but one concern that may occur is osmotic change. This is when the water material of the lens is absorbed by the eye. This will lead to the lens staying with the eye.

Tips for Repairing Dry Eyes

Solutions rely on the problems that are triggering the discomfort yet some suggestions could include:

1) Making use of a wetting representative in the form of a drop to expand wear time can work for some, though I warn doing this without speaking to your eye health and wellness expert as it can occasionally mask an additional problem and also bring about even more damage. An even more regular replacement routine can assist if the signs and symptoms are an outcome of the lens down payments.

2) Switching to a lens with reduced water material or an inflexible gas-absorptive lens if you are prone to completely dry eyes may assist increase comfort.

3) Attempt a silicone hydrogel lens with a high-quality moistening agent, this can assist those that are experiencing discomfort from the absence of oxygen. Several of my top lenses for convenience are the silicon hydrogel lenses consisting of (by order of my favorites).

  • Acuvue Oasys -available in toric for astigmatism and also multifocal varieties as well as is composed of 38% water.
  • Biofinity by Cooper Vision has a 48% water web content. Just a toric and also spherical option here.
  • Air Optix Aqua and Air Optix Evening & Day by CIBA Vision are likewise great. Air Optix comes in a multi-focal and an astigmatic option, nonetheless, All the time do not have multi-focal or toric lenses.
  • Purevision and also Purevision 2 by Bausch and Lomb are not my favorites for dry eyes yet I recognize many fitters that do really well with the Bausch and also Lomb lenses. They do have a great multi-focal lens for presbyopes and their toric lenses are very easy fits for astigmatic patients.

See Your Lens

If you are having signs of completely dry eyes or pain when using your call lenses make an appointment to have your optician or eye care specialist get examined as well as possibly re-fit with a lens better matched to your requirements. Consult an eye specialist from Eye Concepts by going to this website.