If you are aiming for a career involving computer software or hardware, then rest assured that there are many job opportunities for that area. The computer is connected to everything these days. Almost if not all companies require a computer system in order to function. Computer technicians are being hired left, right, and centre. However, that was not your question, was it? As for whether you can land a job without a degree; well, that’s another question entirely. There are merits to both sides of the argument. Read on to learn what they are!

Some People Can!


The obvious truth is that some people are capable of succeeding in the computer business without any degree. Bill Gates, the inventor of Windows, never graduated. Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple, also never graduated. Another famous yet degree-less person I’m sure you’re thinking of is Mark Zuckerberg, creator of FaceBook.


Although these people are incredible people who obviously possess extreme skill when it comes to computers, they did have some advantages over the average person. One of these advantages is that they were born in an earlier time when computers were still relatively new. There was much left to be discovered which allowed these people to progress quickly and succeed far above most. However, these days there are hundreds of thousands of people who are striving toward the very same goal as you. Many of those people will have degrees which will give them a significant advantage over you.


The World of Computers is Vast


One of the reasons why you have a good chance of getting by without a degree in this field is that working with computers constitutes a massive variety of jobs. You can work with computer hardware or software. You can specialize in internet security or computer engineering. There are hundreds of different job descriptions which all pertain to computers. At the end of the day, if you prove yourself in an interview or start up a computer business of your own, you could very well succeed.


Getting back to the hundreds of thousands, not having a degree will give you a disadvantage. If you do not plan to open your own business, which ultimately opens you up to so many new problems, you will have to prove that even if you didn’t study the way most others have, you can still bring something to the company which a professional could not. Let’s face it, the majority of people who are living comfortably now are doing so because they studied and excelled at what they do.

So What Do We Really Think?


We believe that anyone with the determination and discipline to excel can achieve their dreams in the computer world. It will not be easy, just as studying is not easy. However, if you truly want something and strive to achieve it, you can do it!


If you have the ability to go and study for a degree, we would recommend it. You will likely enjoy the study as it is of an area you love to work in. If you cannot, then don’t give up, keep on keeping on and you’ll achieve your dreams in time!