About Us

Hey there! My name is Carol Driscoll and I am the co-founder of Webjuniors together with my brother, Ben Driscoll. Ben and I decided that we would start a blog with a technology niche because we both grew up in a non tech-savvy world with almost little or no usage of smart gadgets, thus it made us always curious about it.

Until one day, our father decided to buy us a desktop becasue of our persistent persuasion and determination to get in touch with any tech gadgets available out there. You could say we were desperate for technology… But here we are today, starting a blog on technology because we want to constantly keep ourselves up to date and learn more about technology with YOU, any newcomer or expert as long as you have as much passion and interest in tech like we do!

On Webjuniors, we have a forum and articles posted daily to keep you in the loop! On the forum, you can communicate with other readers to exchange any opinions or ideas, making this a very conducive environment for one another to learn. Lastly, please do fill up the contact form if you have any constructive comments or feedback on ways to improve on this blog, it will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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