Cell-phones have been around for a few decades already. The initial cell-phone was too big to place in your pocket and as such did not have the same effect that today’s cell-phones have. Some would say the cell-phones of today are an extension of your arm as many people dare not even leave the house without their trusty cell-phone in their hand. The added features and multiple uses of smart phones have created a surge in popularity over the past decade or so. What are the true reasons for this increase in popularity? Let’s find out, shall we?

2nd-Generation Tech


Second generation cellular technology was first developed in 1991, almost two decades ago. This technology allowed the cell-phones of that era to communicate through a data stream very much like the internet of today, albeit in a much simpler fashion. Not only did this improve one’s ability to communicate easily with others, but it also decreased the cost of messages. This improved people’s interest in cell-phones, but it was not until much later that they truly started to become the craze that you see all around the world today.


Phones Got ‘Smart’


At the dawn of the 21st century, (2000), the first smart-phone was invented. The idea of a touch screen phone that not only allowed you to keep in touch with people, but also provided you with a range of useful apps and internet access had a major impact on the cell-phone’s popularity. As more company began designing their own ‘new and improved’ smart-phones the capabilities of these ‘tiny computers’ increased. The smart-phones that are around today are quite easy to obtain yet provide you with almost everything you could need plus a whole ton of stuff that people want. These days you will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a smart-phone.

Every year the screen resolution is improved, the internal memory is increased, thousands of new apps are designed and published; the list just goes on! At present rate, the phone will cause PCs and laptops to become obsolete in the next few decades!

Two Words: Peer Pressure


I mentioned already that cell-phones are being improved every year. Your image would be determined by things such as clothing, your car, your attitude and so on in previous years. These days, your cell-phone can affect your image almost as much as those things, if not more. The pressure for people, especially millennials, to have the best, most recently produced cell-phone is insane. If your phone is not sleek and fast it can literally cause people of certain groups to make fun of you. While I don’t condone the actions of these groups, it did and still does have a profound impact on the popularity of cell-phones today.

What Sort of Phone Do You Own?


Now that we’ve looked at some of the reasons for popularity of cell-phones it is time for you to let us know which of these reasons pushed you to buy a cell-phone. Did you get pressured into it? Did you get enticed by the various abilities that smart phones have to offer? Was there another reason for buying one that I didn’t mention? Write your comments below!