The internet is a fantastic piece of technology. It connects us with the whole world and provides a fountain of endless opportunity. Unfortunately, the internet is connected to less savoury individuals as well. Most of you will be aware that internet access comes with certain risks. Many also feel that it is unnecessary to use any defensive measures to protect your private information. Fortunately, you don’t need to go out of your way to protect yourself from a threat that you don’t fully understand. That’s why we’re here to help.

Protect Your Information

One of the most common dangers of unsafe internet usage is the collection of data. The smallest of actions may seem safe, such as inputting your name, email, and password for a shopping site that you just discovered. While these things are not secret, your information can be stolen if you do not protect yourself properly. There are hundreds of scam websites that will start out requesting simple data then later ask for a bank account number or security password. Make sure that the website is legitimate before offering any information, no matter how small.


Think Before You Click

Malware and corrupted data can be hiding in any corner of the internet. With a click of a button, you could condemn your PC to an early end at the hands of a nasty computer virus. Malware can’t simply waltz onto your machine whenever it wants to but clicking on an unverified download link could be all the permission it needs to come on over and start ripping into your files. You should never download any file or even click any link from a site that you aren’t certain is safe. At the end of the day, we suggest the use of web security system to scan any link provided to you for suspicious activity. Other than that, a quick Google search to see if anyone else has been scammed on that site couldn’t hurt.


Prevention is Better than Cure

Many people may think that having an anti-virus on their computer is enough to keep them safe. Should anything reach their files, they can fire up the anti-virus and kill it. We believe that your anti-virus is the last line of defence and before any malware reaches it, you can safely and easily prevent it. Taking the time to learn the basics of internet security would be in everyone’s best interest. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure!’ This works both for keeping yourself healthy and for keeping your computer system healthy.

Final Thoughts on Safe Internet Usage

Scammers and hackers can break through almost any password if they set their mind to it. What they can’t break into is something that isn’t on the open web at all. We encourage you to keep all essential password, account numbers, etc., offline where nobody can get to it except you and anyone that you deem to be responsible enough to have it as well. As for those things which must be placed on the internet, make sure to use strong passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols in them for safety’s sake. The better your protection, the less chance you have of being scammed. Other than that, stay safe and stay off suspicious websites!